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At VinoVibe, our mission is to inspire and educate wine enthusiasts worldwide. With a vision to create a vibrant and inclusive community centered around the art of wine appreciation, we strive to enhance the wine experience for both novices and experts alike.


Established in 2013, VinoVibe was founded by Jennifer Thornton, an accomplished sommelier and wine enthusiast. With a deep passion for wine and a desire to bridge the gap between oenophiles and casual wine drinkers, Jennifer recognized the need for a comprehensive online platform that could connect a diverse community of wine lovers.

Founder – Jennifer Thornton

Jennifer Thornton is a prominent figure in the wine industry, renowned for her expertise and unwavering dedication. Her extensive experience as a sommelier, coupled with her innate ability to communicate the intricacies of wine, has made her a trusted authority in the field. Jennifer’s profound knowledge and passion have been instrumental in shaping the direction of VinoVibe.

Website Objective

The primary objective of VinoVibe is to provide a trustworthy and dynamic resource for individuals who seek to explore the world of wine. Our website serves as a hub that brings together enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and industry professionals by delivering expert guidance, informative articles, tasting notes, and curated recommendations.

Target Audience

VinoVibe caters to a wide range of individuals who have an interest in wine. Whether you are a beginner just entering the delightful world of wine or an experienced connoisseur looking to expand your knowledge, our platform provides valuable insights and resources. Our vibrant community encourages collaboration, discussion, and growth, fostering an environment suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

Unique Value Proposition

What sets VinoVibe apart is our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and contributors who share a genuine love for all things wine. We ensure that the content provided on our website is not only insightful but also engaging and accessible. From exclusive interviews with industry experts to detailed tasting guides and food pairings, VinoVibe offers a comprehensive experience that educates, encourages exploration, and heightens the appreciation of wine.

Thus, we welcome you to join us on VinoVibe, where the art of wine comes to life, and the boundaries of wine knowledge are constantly blurred and expanded. Together, let us uncork the vast, and often magical, universe of wine, bound by a shared passion and a commitment to excellence. Cheers!

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